Event Format

This is about peers connecting with peers, so we will be using several participatory formats.

Unpanel – also called a fishbowl or Samoan Circle, the unpanel has a small ring of initial participants discussing a prepared question which then opens up to have people from the outer ring of witnesses join the conversation and add questions, one at a time via an empty chair in the center ring.

World Cafe – People rotate through small group conversations as together. Each group explores the answers to the same question, then the group split to form a different set to answer a new question together.

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About This Site

Cooperation 2015 started as an announcement and resource for a p2p conference that was held at the Institute of Cultural Affairs Greenrise Learning Laboratory in Chicago on February 28, 2015.

A broad spectrum of people interested in alternative economies, cooperatives, sustainability, etc. came together to share our experiences, visions, ideas and to network with each other. Documentation about the event can be found here.

Please take a look around. If this interests you, sign up for the site and we'll let you know about future events and other ways to participate.
Check out Ted Wysocki's (the new CEO at the Institute of Cultural Affairs) blog post about Cooperation2015 on U2CANDO